Is not what they tell us, what they show us. It’s not sparkling water and beaches and sunsets and kisses on the neck and it isn’t three words and white dresses that cost obscene amounts of money and it isn’t what you or I think it is. Scrap your idea of love and ask for a new one. Look above and ask for a new one because love is a verb. Love is blood and tears and I will die for you if it saves you and I will grit my teeth and be nice to you when you leave your gross underwear on the bed and I will make you dinner when the last thing I feel like doing is even looking at your face. Love is not your notion of kisses and sighs and pretty words. Love is I will give you a foot massage because your feet are sore even though Id rather do the cat litter than touch anyone’s feet, I will work three jobs to support our family so you can raise our kids properly. I will love you when I hate your hair and when you dont shower. I will respect you even if you yell in my face and I will be honest with you even if I shake with fear while doing it because Im afraid to hurt you and I will apologize when I get angry. When the butterflies leave I will be here. When the romance dies and the world crumbles around us I wont leave. When you put up walls and refuse to face me and are prideful and hurt my feelings I wont leave. I will respect you when I dont feel like it and I will be with you when you cry and I will chase you when you run.

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